San Andreas State Police

San Andreas State Police

"With Honor and Integrity, We Serve"

The mission of the San Andreas State Troopers is to preserve the peace, enforce the law, prevent and detect crime, and protect life and property for the citizens of the State of San Andreas.

The Department consists of posts assigned throughout the state that provide highway patrol, enforcement, and investigative resources to all areas of the state.

The Department's major components are the Criminal Investigation Division which investigates major crimes, grand theft, serious and organized crime, and illegal drug distribution throughout San Andreas; the Special Operations Bureau which is responsible for providing troopers and other local law enforcement agencies with Air, Marine and other Special Enforcement capabilities; and the Highway Patrol section which keeps the highways safe by their steadfast presence on state roadways and through public education campaigns.

The San Andreas State Troopers' six core missions in meeting these responsibilities are:

  1. Maintain peace and order.
  2. Enforce laws and investigate violations of those laws.
  3. Enforce traffic laws and regulations and investigate violations of those laws and regulations.
  4. Conduct and manage search and rescue operations throughout the state
  5. Support and assist other law enforcement and governmental agencies.
  6. Respond to the concerns and inquiries of citizens.

Chain of Command and Organisation

Superintendent: Jared Turtle

Deputy Superintendent: Conner Blitz


Captain (Highway Patrol): Jonathan Nixon (Lieutenant, Acting Captain)

Captain (Special Operations): Ian Holmes

Our Divisions
The San Andreas State Police utilise many different divisional and operational capabilities to deliver law enforcement services around the state, on land, in the air, and on the water, while tackling high-level criminal organisations, protecting and defending the state's leaders and government buildings, and preserving the state's natural resources

Highway Patrol
Patrol Services
The patrol services are responsible for the day-to-day routine patrol of all state highways, freeways, interstates and other state-operated roadways. This includes maintaining a visible presence as well as conducting and utilising unmarked vehicles to catch drivers under the influence and aggressive drivers.
Motor UnitThe Motor Unit was established to provide traffic enforcement on the state highways with higher manoeuvrability and the ability to get to locations quicker and free up vehicle resources for other troopers. The Motor Unit also plays a key role in processions and dignitary protection and escorts.
Commercial Vehicle EnforcementThe Commercial Vehicle Enforcement team is responsible for conducting investigations and inspections on all commercial vehicles travelling the state roadways. They ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations established by the state government and regulatory bodies.
Accident InvestigationThe Accident Investigation team is responsible for responding to calls regarding traffic collisions in any circumstance and conducting investigations to establish fault using accident recreation software and other systems, and recommending improvements to the state government and other governing bodies.

Wildlife Trooper
Wildlife Troopers/
Civilian Rangers
The Wildlife Troopers and their civilian Ranger counterparts are responsible for maintaining a visible presence in all hunting and fishery areas, wilderness regions and state parks. They enforce all wildlife regulations and laws and ensure compliance. They are also tasked with assisting visitors and citizens in a medical capacity as a first responder to any 911 call originating from areas they are responsible for.
Maritime UnitThe Maritime Unit is tasked with providing a law enforcement service on all waterways within the state. While enforcing wildlife regulations and legislation, they also provide assistance to other law enforcement and emergency services, and civilian agencies.
Search and RescueThe Search and Rescue team are comprised of highly trained troopers and civilian rangers tasked with providing a search and rescue capability across the state in its rural areas, including areas such as Mt. Chiliad and Lago Zancudo, Tatavanium Mountains and other isolated areas.

The team trains and operates with the San Andreas Fire Rescue Search and Rescue team.

Special Operations
Special Response TeamThe San Andreas State Police’s Special Response Team is a highly skilled division of troopers trained in advanced weaponry, special tactics and other areas not normally required of standard patrol troopers. The Special Response Team is a resource accessible and utilised by all law enforcement agencies in the State of San Andreas. This expertise is utilized in the resolution of critical incidents in an effort to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers, and suspects.
Crime Area Target TeamThe Crime Area Target Team is a unit comprised of elite troopers who specialise in serious and organised crime and have developed skills in specialist weaponry and tactics. These troopers excel in their field of targeting crime in high crime areas, both highly visibly but also utilising covert methods.

If you see a CATT Trooper, you're not his target... for now...
Aviation WingThe Aviation Wing is the team responsible for operating Nightstalker-99 and other aircraft used for transporting troopers, providing aerial enforcement, and aerial surveillance. The State Police already utilise a Eurocopter EC135 but are forever researching new aircraft to join their Fixed-Wing and Rotorcraft fleet.
Criminal Investigations DivisionThe Criminal Investigations Division provide the highest quality investigative, scientific, and information services and resources to the criminal justice community and others as authorized by law, for the purpose of maintaining law and order and protecting life and property. These services are achieved by a team of skilled and dedicated employees, utilizing innovative programs and state of the art technology. The Criminal Investigations Division liaise with other law enforcement agencies in their mission to investigate, arrest and prosecute members of serious organised crime organisations, weapons and drug traffickers, and any other instances of crime requiring our resources to investigate or as designated by the Superintendent, such as corruptions or high profile crimes.
Executive ProtectionThe Executive Protections team is responsible for providing protective services to the Governor and his family, Justice Officials and state-level officials as directed by the Superintendent, and any visiting dignitaries. The Executive Protections team also protect government buildings as directed by the Governor or the Superintendent.